Slag Hauler SH60

Articulated, single-purpose truck for molten slag handling

– Now updated with ultramodern cab for optimum operator safety and comfort.

The Slag Hauler SH60 is a dedicated single-purpose truck designed to handle individual slag pots. The truck lifts, transports, tips and deskulls the pot without external assistance. The truck picks up the pot from the ground, a transfer car or a platform, and empties the pot by inverting it 180°. Typical transport is from the furnace to a cooling station or directly to the slag pit.

The truck can be delivered with a slag pot – a complete solution for efficient molten slag operations.

A proven solution with outstanding fire-safety track record

Slag trucks around the world operate in a high-risk environment and it’s not unusual that the tires of a slag truck catch fire. Thanks to our fire preventive design, this has never happened to any of our truck models. Despite hundreds of thousands of hours in service.

SH60 can also be delivered as a coil carrier. Please contact us for more information.

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