Tractors & Trailers

Kiruna UV T25 – Trailer Tractor

When an ordinary trailer tractor suffers from its limitations we can provide an alternative solution. The Kiruna UV T25 offers grading capacity and off-road capabilities. When combined with a long lifecycle, the result is a unique vehicle that is cheaper and more versatile than any other solution.

The T25, combined with a low lifting pallet trailer, provides a practical multi-purpose transport solution for plate manufacturers.

Kiruna UV SLT35 – Slag Trailer

The Kiruna UV SLT35 is designed to be towed by a terminal tractor, or a similar vehicle, and used for the transport and handling of liquid slag in slag pots. The trailer is designed for running on even and hard roads.

Kiruna UV PT180 – Platform Trailer

Articulated, elevating platform trailer for long, flat and heavy materials.

The Kiruna UV PT180 is a load support based transporter with an elevating loading platform. A stable rear car enables the PT to work with simple, cost-saving load supports.

Typical application: piles of slabs – resting on two supports only – are picked up, transported and put down anywhere without need for pallets or cranes.

Technical features:

  • Mechanical steering.
  • Simple hydraulic system.
  • Fewer wheels.


  • Low-cost load supports.
  • Low tire costs/no scrubbing.

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