Slag Haulers


Kiruna UV SLV100 – Slag Hauler

The Slag Hauler SLV100 has a heavy load capacity and is designed with modern life cycle costs in mind. The frame structure is made to withstand 30 years of heavy duty operation.

The truck picks up the pot from the ground, a transfer car or a platform, and empties the pot by inverting it 180°. Typical transport is from the furnace to a cooling station or directly to the slag pit.

Technical features:

  • Dump angle 180°.
  • Patented mechanical linkage.
  • Hest shield and protective canopy.
  • Pneumatically controlled dumping locks.
  • Large load-bearing rear tires.
  • Hydraulic lines shielded from heat and splash in frame structure.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Low recovery costs through efficent skull removal.
  • Reduced tire wear.

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