Container Handlers

Kiruna UV U-frame – Truck and Container System

The Kiruna Combi – articulated U-frame truck for handling of bulk materials:

• Limestone • Ingots • Scrap iron • Castings • Hot/cold slag • Wastes

• Coke • Clippings

The Kiruna UV Combi truck is used with two or more containers for non-stop haulage. While the empty container is being filled by the loader, the Combi takes the full container to the dumping site. Both loader and truck are utilized optimally. Switching containers takes less than a minute.

The truck is able to transport a variety of materials on custom built load carries. Options provided on request.

Technical features:

  • Customized containers and load carries.
  • Fully automatic locking system.


  • Broad versatility.
  • High utilization.
  • Small low-investment loaders.

Kiruna UV CT – Combi Trailer

Articulated, elevating transporter for long, flat and heavy materials:

• Slabs • Long finished products • Billets

• Plates • Blooms

The Kiruna UV CT  (Combi Trailer) is a load support based transporter with elevating loading platform. Articulation, a large stability triangle area and a stable rear car enable the CT to work with simple, cost-saving load supports.

Typical application: piles of slabs – resting on two supports only – are picked up, transported and put down anywhere without need for pallets or cranes.

Technical features:

  • Increased stability triangle area.
  • Mechanical steering.
  • Simple hydraulic system.
  • Fewer wheels.


  • Low-cost load supports.
  • Low tire costs/no scrubbing.

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