Coil Carriers

Kiruna UV CC60 – Coil Carrier

Articulated, single-purpose truck for coils sized 1050 mm to 2250 mm

Self-loading and unloading, the Kiruna UV CC60 is designed to lift, transport and stack coils. Coils are stacked horizontally, with eyes to the side. Typical transport: from the hot strip mill to the cold strip mill for processing, or to the storage yard to await shipment.

The truck loads two or three coils per round, coils ranging from 20 to 30 tonnes each.

Technical features:

  • Welded heavy-duty frame.
  • Built-in wheel housings.
  • Lifting in the hinge principle, with two single-acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • Spherical contact surface to mate with coil’s eye.
  • Soundproofed, suspended dual control operator’s cab installed on rear car for naximum operation control (optional).


  • Excellent visibility.
  • Increased safety.
  • Gentle handling for minimum damage.

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