Kiruna has a proud history of building trucks

Kiruna Utility Vehicles would not exist if it weren’t for the ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of the product development company Kiruna Truck, which was founded in Kiruna in 1959.

Located in the same town in the north of Sweden as the Kiirunavaara mine, the product development company Kiruna Truck based its business on genuine knowledge of the growing mining industry’s needs and requirements. Through advanced design skills and major investments in an effective marketing and sales organisation, the small-town company Kiruna Truck gained success on the international market, exporting its products to major mining nations around the world, such as Canada, Chile, Russia and South Africa.

Over the 40 years that Kiruna Truck operated in Kiruna, the company employed 40–50 people and successfully specialised in 3 product categories: trucks for mines, trucks for steelworks and trucks for tunnelling work.

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