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Kiruna Utility Vehicles develops and manufactures customised vehicles for steelworks and smelters. Among our products are: Slag Haulers, Coil Carriers, Container Handlers and Tractors & Trailers. Our products are used at steelworks and smelting plants both locally and abroad.

We deliver to companies that are known to place the highest demands on technology and efficiency, and on achieving a sustainable life-cycle economy. Many of our trucks are still in operation after more than 20 years of service and 30–40,000 hours of hard work.


We are continuously developing our vehicles for maximum driver and operator safety. For example, the rear wagon of our vehicles is designed to minimize the risk of tires catching fire through contact with spilled materials and the driver’s cabin is constructed to be a safe and comfortable workspace that is optimally soundproofed and equipped with a highly developed cab suspension system.


In order to meet the most demanding international environmental standards, we use modern diesel engines with AdBlue® Diesel Technology.


Since Kiruna Utility Vehicles was established in 2012, our portfolio has developed steadily, from the proud heritage of Kiruna Truck to the forefront of modern vehicle technology.


Our close partners within the NMV Group

NMV Utility Vehicles manufactures vehicles for LKAB, Boliden, Atlas Copco etc.

NMV Group

Kiruna Wagon manufactures ore wagons for LKAB, Boliden and Rana Gruber, among others.

Kiruna Wagon

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